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The purpose is to facilitate interactions between academic researchers and professionals in the field of Gastronomy and belonging to different disciplines: economics, econometrics, sociology, psychology, management, marketing, chemistry, sensometrics, and to develop academic research from all these aspects.

To reach this aim, we organize workshops and conferences where chefs, food critics and researchers meet and exchange ideas.

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New conference
joined with the 21st Annual VDQS Enometrics Conference

June 04 - 07, 2014 in Lyons - France

Last deadline to submit your abstracts February 22, 2014 (on-line submission on VDQS website)


Foodpairing is based on scientific flavor analysis. It is based on the principle that foods can be combined when they share major flavor components.
Foodpairing is not based on intuition or existing recipes, but on science, providing an objective overview of possible pairings

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Interesting session fully dedicated to Gastronomics. One of these papers "Food and Wine Pairing. The Effect of Education and Test Repetition on Hedonic and Intensity Ratings" from Robert HARRINGTON (University of Arkansas, US - who already obtained the local award last year in Viseu) got the Award of the University of Talca.

From left to right: Pavel TOMŠIK, president of VDQS, Javier TRONCOSO, president of the local committee of the XX Enometrics Conference and Rob HARRINGTON


Our friends and colleagues from ASRDLF have planned a special session (S3) during their annual conference in Mons from July 8 to July 11, 2013, under the topic: "The wine: a cultural product? The vineyard: a heritage property?" Don't hesitate to submit your papers ! (Text and presentation in English admitted.)
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We've just been informed about another session (S4) "Culinary heritage and territories"
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Food Geography
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