Society for Quantification in Gastronomy


2006 Bordeaux


The First Conference of SQG took place in Bordeaux, in 2006. You can download the call for paper and the flyer of the conference


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Scientific Program of the conference


Session 1: Historical and Methodological Approaches

 Friday May 26, 2006, 14:45– 16:45

Chairman : Guy Kolleen (University of Texas, San Antonio)


"How did American food get so bad?"

Tyler COWEN (Georges Mason U.)


"Stardust over Paris Gastronomic Restaurants"

Olivier GERGAUD (U. Reims), Linett MONTANO GUZMAN (Fidexis) and Vincenzo VERARDI (ECARES, ULB)


"Food Fetish: Gastronomy as Spectacle of Subversive Desire in Spanish Fiction and Film."

Leora LEV (Bridgewater State College)


"Wine, Balloons, and Mud: Gastronomic Tourism and a Divided Landscape in California"

Kathleen A. BROSNAN (University of Houston)


"The Gastronomical Fair of Dijon as Consuming Spectacle"

Philip WHALEN (Coastal Carolina University)


Session 2: Food, Tourism and Gastronomy

Saturday May 27, 2006, 11:00 – 13:00

Chairman : Tyler Cowen

 "Are you what you eat? Experimental evidence on health habits and economic behaviour"

Matteo Maria GALIZZI (U. of Brescia) and Marisa MIRALDO (U. of York)


"Food decision, information and personality"

Pierre COMBRIS (Inra, Ivry), Sylvie ISSANCHOU (Inra, Dijon) and Youenn LOHEAC (Inra, Dijon)


"Acceptability of Species from Polyculture"

Kelly BARRINGTON, Neil RIDLER, and Bryn ROBINSON (U. of New Brunswick)


"Typicalness, local enogastronomy and gourmets’ attraction"

Elisabetta LAZZARO (U. of Padua)


"Gastronomic follies: The spatiality of excessive hors d’oeuvres from the Desert de Retz to Le Patissier Pittoresque"

Annette CONDELLO (U. of Western Australia)



Session 3: Quality, Expertise and Taste

Saturday May 27, 2006, 14:30 – 16:30

Chairman : Frédéric Warzynski


"Contests for power in institutional fields: How field actors – Elite French chefs - blurred category boundaries to undermine critics’ bases of judgement (1951-2000)"

Philippe MONIN (E.M. Lyon)


"Stars War over French Gastronomy"

Olivier GERGAUD (U. de Reims), Valérie SMEETS (U. Carlos 3) and Frédéric WARZYNSKI (U. Carlos 3)


"A Paradigm Change in Taste Industries?"

Véronique CHOSSAT (U. de Reims), Florine LIVAT (E.M. Bordeaux and U. Reims) and Christian BARRERE (U. de Reims)


”Econometrics of taste: some recipes with ranks”

Frédéric JOUNEAU-SION (U. de Lille 3)


"Divergences in subjective quality standards between expert opinion and consumer opinion. a "havanometric" analysis"

Nicolas G VAILLANT ( Reims), Stéphane MARACHE ( Reims)

Poster Session


"Quality evaluation by Experts and Consumers: Evidence from a Sample of Paris Restaurants"

Olivier GERGAUD (U. de Reims) and Karl STORCHMANN (Whitman College)

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