Society for Quantification in Gastronomy







2011 Conference in France
Angers (Loire Valley)
May, 18-21


This scientific organisation contains mainly economists, econometricians and managers; but also specialists accustomed to Economic Analysis or Managerial point of views.
The Society of Quantitative Gastronomy is also a meeting place for all persons, who want to bring their professional know-how and knowledge in Economics and Management Sciences to Gastronomy.

The official language of the Association, is the one that makes communication easiest, the "langua franca internationale", English; but, we appreciate, and answer to messages written in anylanguage, and try to respect in our best the richness of your expressions.


Importants Dates to Note for Angers's Conference

February 11
Last Deadline for
submission of

March 18
Program of the Conference
will be available on line

April 18
Deadline for sending
complete text,
and deadline for
Early-Bird payment

May 18 to 21
in Angers



Barrère Christian
Université de Reims

Brouard Joelle

ESC Dijon

Combris Pierre

INRA Paris


General and Usual Topics
Animated by Pierre Combris

Quality and Taste of Foodstuffs
Analysis of Results
  of the Experiments
  of Test and Classifications
Quality & Gastronomy
Gastronometric Studies


Special additional Topics 2011
Animated by Christian Barrère

About Restaurant
Culture, History, Civilisation
  History and Culture
  Economic and Social Importance
Restaurant Evaluation
  Art and Techniques
  Impact of Guide's Notations
Food and Wine Pairings

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