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Target of this association
The purpose is to facilitate interactions between academic researchers and professionals in the field of Gastronomy and belonging to different disciplines: economics, econometrics, sociology, psychology, management, marketing, chemistry, sensometrics, and to develop academic research from all these aspects.

To reach this aim, we organize workshops and conferences where chefs, food critics and researchers meet and exchange ideas.

9th Annual Conference of SQG joined with the 21st annual VDQS Conference 
June 04 - 07, 2014 in LYONS - France

The "gastronomic" approach can be applied to all kind of food and their pairings.
  • Validity of the process how to evaluate taste (applies to restaurants too!)
  • Determination of the "hedonic" price (what the consumer is willing to pay)
  • Determination of the various components in the hedonic price of the product (excluding cost of production in the strict sense): Protected Geographical Indication PGI (in French IGP), Protected Designation of Origin PDO (in French AOP), quality labels, information, presentation, location, ...
  • Participation of the gastronomy in economic development (local, regional, national, ...) and social life (health, conviviality).
Its purpose is to validate results, established by scientific and verifiable procedures. To reach this aim, the association uses qualitative economic studies, experimental studies, sociological analysis, as well as geographical or historical analysis.
About the Lyons Conference:
Scientific Committee:
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Scientific Committee co-chaired by:
Université de Reims - FR
University of Arkansas - US

Agro-Food Economics Zaragoza - ES
ESC Dijon - FR
INRA Paris - FR
Univ. de Turin - IT
Univ. of Palermo - IT
President-founder of Geofood - FR

General and Usual Topics

Quality and Taste of Foodstuffs, Analysis of Results
  • of the Experiments
  • of Tasting and Classifications
Quality & Gastronomy
  • Eligibility as a "Gourmet-Product"
  • Intrinsic Quality and Tasting
  • Impact of Labeling (on Quality, Quantity, Price)
Evolution and Institutions of Gastronomy
  • Appearance of New Styles (slow food, ...)
  • Internationalization
Gastronometric Studies
  • Evolution of Demand and Prices
  • Modeling Purchasing Behaviors
  • Impact on economic or social growth

Key Dates:

January 18, 2014
First deadline for submission of proposals, already more than 50 papers submitted for both conferences
February 22, 2014
Last deadline for submission of your abstract on-line submission on VDQS website
March 25, 2014
Program on-line - for the program click here
April 12, 2014
End of possibility to send a modified text
April 18, 2014
End of early bird tariff
June 04 - 07, 2014
Conference in Lyons, France